The key to maximizing your tax base

ValueFinder LLC is the sister company of Inform CPI Limited – the UK’s leading provider of business rates database software. In the UK, over half of all local taxing jurisdictions use our software.

Our clients utilize our systems and services to identify improvements to existing parcels, and omitted properties from the tax roll.  This allows the jurisdiction to the maximize their property tax roll, ensuring fairness, equity and completeness.

The additional value identified to date generates $200m per year in tax revenue.

“ValueFinder LLC’s services have added significant value in Delaware County and has had very little impact on our resources and workload.”
– Larena Ellis Cook, Delaware County Assessor


The Benefits

  • Class-leading research and analysis, using a host of internal and external data sources
  • Bespoke work practices, ensuring each client’s specific requirements are met
  • An Analyst dedicated to each client, minimising the impact on our clients’ existing workload
  • Extensive case details and evidence presented in tailored property reports
  • A proven track record of working with tax authorities to successfully maximize revenue

Ensuring equity and fairness for all property taxpayers

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